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Podcast Beast

coming real soon!

Here on Podcast Beast we aim to tell fictionally immersive stories from an urban perspective. Stories from the surreal to the sublime... from the underground to the White House.

The artistry that our digital content writers and producers will put into weaving a story and the actors will put into bringing the characters to live in the studio for each pod-series will be 

nothing short of masterful. 

It's about to go down and we are so excited about our new moves!

We here at PB understand that although the written word is powerful... we also realized that

not everyone has the ability to read the almighty words as they are written, namely

the visually impaired.

Through the power of spoken word PB will bring the carefully crafted pod-series of writer/producers from across the nation. Please return to see and hear some of the most 

incredible urban stories ever told. You can also subscribe below to be notified when new episodes are posted.

If you have a pod-series you would like to produce or submit to PB, please send

an email with a simple description of your series to PodcastBeast3000@gmail.com

Thank you for your interest in Podcast Beast. We look forward to entertaining you.


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